Ready to Pick Up Hula Hoops

These are hula hoops taped and ready to go.

Local pick up of these hoops only sorry.

Custom Hula Hoops

Give me the size you want, color sceme, and I'll do the rest. Not sure of a color sceme? Whats your favorite colors? Maybe a favorite cartoon/anime character. Give me an idea and I'll design up a color sceme/ tape design for you!

For in stock/ready made item inquiries or for custom orders please send me an email to


Levitation Wands
Customs and Ready to Ship Options!


Want to feel like a magician? Learn to control the wand so it moves and flows around your body like magic. The levitation wand is a fun and mesmorizing flow toy that when created correctly allows the user to move the toy around thier body in an upright position. It will look as if it is floating in mid air!


Currently only short string wands are available. Long string wands can be made upon request.

Ribbon Wands


Perfect for little ones who want to experience the flow arts but may not be able to handle or control other props/toys out thier just yet!


Also perfect for birthday parties, weddings and more! Great for pictures, favors, play toys, etc.


Ready to ship and custom ribbon wands available. Also inquire about bulk order ribbon wands in your color choice. Designed to fit any event sceme.

Other Flow Toys
~Coming In the Near Future~

Practice Poi

Viel Poi

Practice Contact Staff

Viel Fan




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