My name is Angela, "The Hoopgineer"
I am have a Bachelor's degree Engineering, I am a Hula Hoop maker, and I am a Hoop Dancer.
I am.. a Hoopgineer!

Every since I saw my first hooping video online I was hooked. I began hooping in 2009 and haven't put my hoop down since. The hooping moves, and flow, seem to come naturally for me. I enjoy dancing, moving, and just having fun with my hoops.


I posted my first hoop dancing video on Youtube in early 2011 and my first tutorial video in 2012. I had initially began creating Youtube "how-to" videos for a family friend in another state. According to Youtube, though, they have been viewed by hoopers of all ages, genders, and all over the world!


Currently, my channel now has over 30,000 views and over 250 subscribers. I am in love with hooping and I hope to share my hoop love with everyone I meet.





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